Latin American Coalition for Legal Firearms to Hold Press Conference at SHOT Show

CALL Press Release SHOT Show

Washinton, DC – The Latin American Coalition for Legal Firearms (CALL) will host the first ever press conference on the  hunting and firearms laws of Latin America. The press conference will be during the SHOT Show in the Sportsman’s Lounge (San Polo Room # 3501) at 3pm on Thursday January 16, 2014. CALL is working in partnership with Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Safari Club International, and the World Forum on Shooting Activities to bring greater attention to the struggles for legal firearm ownership and barriers to legal hunting that plague Latin American nations.

“The threats to firearm ownership in Latin America, and for the international hunter importing firearm is real and is under a coordinated attack. We believe that it is vital that the entire hunting and shooting industry must understand the threats that are facing all hunters and shooters in Latin America so that we can effectively and efficiently protect these freedoms,” stated CALL Executive Director Thomas Saldias.

CALL was formed in 2013 as numerous groups supportive of hunting and self-defense noticed a disturbing pattern emerging.  Virtually identical legislation was being introduced throughout Latin America to limit or ban hunting and curb civilian firearm ownership. Much of this legislation was being pushed by deep -pocketed international organizations. Groups from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru joined together to form CALL and stand united against the regional threats to hunting and gun ownership.  Since then El Salvador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras and Colombia have initiated the process to join this platform. In fact, CALL now represents over 5 million shooter and hunters in Latin America. CALL faces the challenges of unifying the different groups fighting in various Latin American counties and sharing information to face a common enemy. CALL will mutually benefit these outdoor groups by promoting the responsible use of firearms so the market may grow and not diminish.

We hope you will join us for this important event.

For more information, please contact:
Bill McGrath
Safari Club International
(202) 543-8733

CALL Press Release SHOT Show


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